Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Heads Up

My brother is passionate; he is passionate about his family, about his church, about his faith, and about helping others. This passion led him to start something called Heads Up, a program to help urban youth in Lancaster PA unleash their potential. Through the arts, they draw kids out and show them that they are worth something, they can succeed, that they can be a force for change, that they can be who they are created to be. It is a big endeavor and I am proud of him for doing it. Like any non-profit, they are looking at creative ways to raise money and one way they are doing it is a raffle. They have some sweet prizes (made even better if you are from their area) that anyone can use, the obvious best being the Grand Prize of PRS Custom 22 Electric Guitar (I have no idea what that means other than its estimated value is around $10,000). So, as my public service announcement, click on the banner below, educate yourself about the Heads Up programs and buy some raffle tickets to help support. Who knows, you could end up with something sweet.

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