Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Worthwhile Christmas Albums

December is upon us and I love it! While it is really weird to be in Orlando, FL and seeing palm trees and the sun, which seems to disappear in Columbus for the month, I love this season. The way I get into it down here is by not looking outside and cranking some Christmas tunes. I know some of you already have your favorite Christmas classics and swear you won't listen to anything but Bing Crosby during this time of year, but allow me to submit some new choices to listen to. From here until Christmas I will periodically post mini-reviews of excellent Christmas CD's that you should give a shot and perhaps haven't. Most of these aren't the classics that you may already know of but each is worth your time.

As a treat, the first one is available for FREE from Noisetrade. Called "Advent Songs" and made by Sojourn Community Church in KY, it is beautiful, joyful, praiseworthy and sets your eyes upon Christ, the reason for the season. The opening track, Joy to the World, is my favorite version of the song I have ever heard (yet). It is worth taking the time to download the album simply for that song. This album came as a surprise to me, because although I love church music, I wasn't expecting something this polished and beautiful from a Kentucky church. Forgive my ignorance and dont make the same mistake I did. Download it!

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