Friday, December 4, 2009

Puddle Jumping

It has been raining all day here in Orlando, FL and I have been hit with a killer case of writers block. Which is why I am writing about puddle jumping. I walked out back to try to clear my head and there was a stinking huge lake of water in the back road. It was the kind that inspired me to go and jump in the middle of it. I didn't. But I wanted to. Which made me think, when do you grow too old for puddle jumping? I hope I never do. I understand, being at work and all, it was probably a good decision not to jump in the middle of it today. But I want to be the guy who isn't afraid to run and play in the rain, to jump in puddles, to dance to the drum roll of thunder. I know I did it last year, even though our neighbors though we were nuts. Me and Giacomo Campobello (otherwise known a GC, Giacamoney, or Jimmy S) ran outside in the pouring rain and danced in the lake that would form on our terrace. It is a wonderful thing, a random thought that I never want to grow out of that. And neither should you! (below are picture of M

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