Thursday, October 22, 2009

Naked Dude in Virginia

Run and hide, people are naked in their own homes! A dude in Virginia was arrested (CLICK HERE for the news article) for being naked at 5:30 AM in his own home. Some lady who was walking across his lawn at 5:30 happened to catch a glimpse of this guy naked and making coffee in his kitchen. This is an absolute and utter crock. I realize there are a lot more things to get fired up about but this just makes me angry.

A couple points: IT WAS HIS OWN HOME! Are you kidding me? I can't tell you how many times I could have gotten arrested for something like this in a home, let alone outside of a home. Have you ever been streaking? How about skinny dipping? Those are outside in public spaces and this guy was INSIDE in his own private residence. And the lady didn't even see him from the sidewalk; she was trespassing on his lawn. It wasn't like he had his cheeks plastered against the window, he was a guy who just rolled out of bed and went downstairs to make some coffee. AT 5:30 IN THE MORNING!

I think maybe the reason that I get fired up about this is because this dude now has to go to trial and possibly, if some asinine lawyer prosecutes him well enough, have a criminal record. For making coffee naked at 5:30 AM in his kitchen. And that could have been me. I went streaking at 10 AM my senior year of college. I have gone skinny dipping who knows how many times. And for those, while maybe not the smartest, moments of being a goofy idiot I could have a much longer criminal record than this guy. And chances are you probably could to.

The VA police should drop this. They should apologize. This lady who called in the charge should bake him a couple dozen cookies and send them with a sincere apology. I am not all about public nudity but this isn't about public nudity or indecent exposure. It is about a guy who didn't throw on any boxers when he made coffee in the morning. To arrest him for that is the real crime.

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