Friday, April 9, 2010

Part 3 of The Music Trilogy: Brite

I realize that all my posts this week have been about music and for that, I apologize. Well... no, I don't apologize, but I promise to diversify soon. However, this this post in this weeks music trilogy was too good to leave out., a website that I have been a paying member for the past year, just decided to offer all their music for free. This is absolutely ridiculous. There is SO much good music (and some I am not a big fan of) on this website. So, head on over there and join up for free and start downloading and discovering wonderful new music.

Here are my recommendations if you head on over to recommend that you download their Best of Brite: Vol 1. That will give you a sampling of the goodness that came out of year one. Two, for the folksters out there, check out Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors (my favorite). Andrew Belle and Adam Agin are two new discoveries of folk-pop and Ben Rector offers up a refreshing dose of piano-pop, al la Ben Folds, just not as snarky. Matthew Perryman Jones offers up one of my favorite flavors of rock; not too heavy, not too folky, not too poppy... just right. There are a lot more that are really good but I will let you poke around and discover. ENJOY!

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