Sunday, January 10, 2010

Never Die Easy

When I was in high school, I read an autobiography of Walter Payton, the incredible Chicago Bears running back who died a tragic, early death. The book, called Never Die Easy, was pretty fantastic and we had an assignment to write a poem taken directly from the words of one page of whatever book we were reading. I just recently found mine. It was called, creatively, Never Die Easy. Here it is.... enjoy... and yes, I will be back at blogging. My adventure isn't done...

Never Die Easy
By Christopher D Rule (published in "The Sound of Poetry", an audio collection)

It was all about the game
Old school, the best school
It wasn't showing off,
I've got no respect for those players
Make them feel me a little.
Go full blast.
If you don't explode into him,
you're going to take the impact.
Never Die Easy.
Make him earn your death.
It's ok to lose, to die,
but not without trying, without giving your best.

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