Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to The Grande Adventure

My previous blog was entitled Well since I am no longer in Rome but in Orlando, here is the new and improved. It is entitled The Grande Adventure in a nod to the BIG adventure I had in Rome but also to the fact that I am realizing that life is an adventure. If you never come back to this website, I wont be too offended. But I do want to ask are you living your adventure?

It doesnt mean, "Are you living overseas?" or "Are you doing crazy things with your life, like selling all your possessions and living among the poor. But it means that all of life is an adventure, something that God has a beautiful plan for. Are you living your story, your adventure? As a journalism major in college, I came to the firm conviction that everyone has a story worth telling. But if you are sitting on your couch watching TV (or surfing the internet in my case) with the majority of time and wasting a lot of your story? What I mean is, what is your life all about? Only you can answer that for yourself.

Part of my adventure for the past two years was living in Rome, Italy. Since being back I have introduced my girlfriend to all my family, seen my brother get married, my Grandma Rule go to be with Jesus, traveled to Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Muskoka Canada, Ohio, Kansas, Tennessee, and now have moved to Florida to intern with Relevant Magazine. A crazy summer, with stories and thoughts that will be posted on this here blog. So if this interests you at all, and the occasional free music posted, I would love to see you come back. And I promise, I will be more faithful in posting than I was on c-ruleinrome. I promise.

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  1. Cool to see you blogging again, Chris. Marcus just went back to Lebanon. I only got to see him briefly at a wedding this summer after him being gone for so long. :( I moved from NYC back to NC to start grad. school. When were you in NC? I'm in Raleigh, but spend a lot of time in Greenville, where I did my undergrad and where my bf and friends are. Hope you're enjoying Orlando. Would be cool to meet up some time, and meet your gf! Take care.